Common Question Answers For Your Guide


Common Question Answers For Your Guide


Reliable Answers To Common Questions.

Your Technician Are Verified?

Yes! Our All technicians and stuff are registered and background check, no any bad records of their working history.

Your Process and Chemicals are safe?

Yes! Our working Process are 100% safe for your children, pets and Environment. We Follow Verified Standard Products.

What is precautions during treatment?

We recommend vacating the premises for 4 hours and ventilate the property for 2 hours on returning as an added precaution.

Will I Have to Leave My Home?

In most cases it is not necessary for you to leave your home. However, we recommend the premises to be vacated until the control agent dries.

What Do I Need to Do Prior to the Pest Management Service?

We recommend that all food, clothes, toys other items be stored away prior to treatment. Furniture should also be moved away from skirting board edges to gain access prior to the Control Agent application.

Do I Have to Empty Out My Kitchen Cupboards?

No. As we use the latest control methods, it is no longer necessary to empty out cupboards.

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