Fumigation in karachi

Fumigation in Karachi

Reliance Fumigation in Karachi, pest control services services provider in Karachi Pakistan. our team working a insects control treatment

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fumigation services in Karachi

The chemical method involves uses chemical treatments to deter any kind of pest. Chemical treatments tend to be one of the most popular types of control due to its effectiveness. Chemical pest control, particularly space fumigation, tends to work best for severe infestations.

You can opt for organic chemical treatments, with botanic or fermented products used to exterminate pests. There are also near-organic insecticides and synthetic insecticides to use.

Physical pest control uses natural barriers like nets or plastic sheets to protect crops.

Safety suggestions for indoor use of pesticides

When you use pesticides indoors you should always:
Cover or remove bird cages and fish tanks, and relocate other pets before using aerosol (spray) pesticides.

Many pesticides are extremely toxic to birds and fish.
Remove (or cover) food, cooking utensils and other personal items from the area to be treated. Thoroughly clean kitchen benches before preparing food. Avoid applying surface sprays to areas commonly touched by family members, such as furniture. Only use surface sprays in out-of-the-way areas like along skirting boards.

Leave the room while the pesticide (such as fly spray) is taking effect. When you come back, open the windows to clear the air.
Make sure pesticides are used in the right place. For example, mice tend to run along skirting boards and under floors. If you put traps or baits out in the open, they may fail to attract the pest and may pose a health risk to family members or pets. Clear up any food debris or scraps if you use baits, so that the pest is drawn only to the bait.

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