pest control services in karachi pakistan

Water tank cleaning services Karachi

Water tank cleaning services Karachi

Reliance Water tank cleaning services in Karachi Pakistan. Why need very impotent tank cleaning every years 2 time or every under 6 month, we know that 80% people use to tank water and tank water. We know that they not only tanker always bring water from the hydrant, often fills from canals and the river too? For this reason, they contain abundant bacteria, and the growth in the water tank.

Water tank services in Karachi

Reliance water tank cleaner services and best services provider manual & machinery process as per depend of tank, we DE-side after tank sarvay how to manage but our teams also provide residence and commercial water tank for services please call now 0322-0245002

Tank clearing services with chemicals

water tank cleaner process with chemicals and instruction First of all we declare not use many chemicals for tank it is very dangerous to health just like acid, caustic soda, washing soap etc. we only use only chlorine and Potassium is an oxidising agent with disinfectant, deodorising, and astringent properties. Which is not for dangers health. And keep to prevention of UN-health bacteria and germs. water tank cleaning services Karachi.

Tank cleaning process and details that how to clean

Water tank cleaning service Karachi we run business with a passion to create a positive impact our client in Karachi Pakistan. we tend to use our process and plenty of years of expertise within the best management business to supply effective and safe treatment . We provide service to,, Residential end commercial house , Flat, portion, apartment, town house, office, factories, college, hostels,etc. for your property water tank.

stage cleaning process:
stage 1_cleaning of surrounding:
on our first stage of tank we start automatic special sludge pump is useful to remove dirty water and sludge from tank.

stage 2_dewatering,,
in this stage by scrubbing the water tank we do manually remove the dirt, fungus and hard stain from the concrete.

stage 3_sludge removal:
on our third stage we will make solution of chlorine and it will be thrown on the walls of tank as the stuck dust (fungi,algae) will be lose.

stage 4-scrubbing:
the walls will be rubbed with brush.

stage 5-high cleaning with fresh water:
the whole floor will be cleaned by the fresh water.

components of tank cleaning kit.
pressure motor.
cleaning boots.
brush & mop.
chlorine chemical.

We have representative available 12 hours 7 day a week to answer any questions you. for services so call 0322-0245002

We provide service in all areas of Karachi.

    water tank cleaning services karachi

What you can expect?

When you choose Karachi water Tank Cleaning, because we are a reliable and user friendly services provider which has given trying to Appreciate the better services, our teams is not be chewing intox-things at time of tank cleaning. they also wear neat and clean cloth They live clean and pray

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